Patient Reviews

I just wanted to send you a little note to say “thank you.” My back feels so much better. I am existing on a better level again. Your skill and training are amazing and have saved more more than once. — RB, handwritten note

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate what you do for me. I don't know if you have ever had neck pain, but it can be incapacitating. The shots you give me are like a miracle for me! Thank you!!! -- RB, handwritten note

Always happy with my treatment! Dr. Shah does my injections and they always help me. I have been a patient for over 7 years and wouldn't be able to walk if it wasn't for my care. Also they have always been honest about my treatment. -- Michael Nuss, Google Reviews

Best option in Utah if you actually want to be pain free or have a chance to live a normal life. The doctors here every single one of them are the most professional and qualified healthcare providers i have ever felt with. I have been working with other doctors that took me years of chronic pain and useless procedures that were just getting money from me. But I've only seen the amazing staff and doctors at Utah pain specialists for a few months and I have never felt the way i do, I feel even better than before I was injured in the U.S. armed forces. from the Nurses who are all super nice and professional to the doctors who focus on healing the causes of your pain and keeping you pain free, not just doping you up and sending you out the door. even the intake women are super nice and courteous. I would highly recommend this pain clinic to anyone that want to heal. -- Andrew Whitehead, Google Reviews

Dr. Rajiv Shah is THE BEST ever pain management specialist ever. His team and office staff have been very helpful, kind, and efficient. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! -- Dianne Brown, Google Reviews

Dr. Shah is the best! Gentle compassionate and caring. Excellent knowledgeable staff! I have been a patient here for several years and am thankful there is something to relieve my back injury pain. -- Janine Bourque, Google Reviews

My Neurosurgeon referred me to see Dr. Shah here at this clinic about 8-9 months ago & I count my lucky stars ever since!! It was truly a blessing in my life
Dr. Shah has treated my chronic back problems with the utmost kindness. His skills & talents have relived my pain immensely! And he has stayed in excellent contact with my General Doctor & my Neurosurgeon. Between them all I am so very grateful for the professional care they have given me.
The center's staff is so very attentive and kind as well. They truly show you how much they love helping people. I highly recommend this center & Dr. Shah they are all my heroes!! Thank You All. -- Penny M., Yelp