Patient Reviews

I would like to share my experience with a great group of doctors at Utah Pain Specialists. I see Dr. Kyle Matsumura and he is always willing to tell me my first course of action for my bad knees and back. He is always so kind and pleasant (I appreciate that). The staff is very well trained and professional. I’m grateful to all the help UT Pain Specialist have given me. -- C. Earley, handwritten note

This man is a wizard!! I have been fighting lower back issues for over 20 years. Doctor [Matsumura] is the only one to ever talk to me and take his time explaining what he want to do. I have never felt more comfortable talking with a doctor. He got me back to a tolerable pain. I still have to take med but at least they work now instead of barely taking the pain away. I highly recommend this facility. -- Zeke Martinez, Google Review

Amazing doctor and staff, highly recommend them! I have been going their for several years and have never been disappointed. -- Tamara Horrocks, Google Review

My primary care doctor referred me to Utah Pain Specialist's. She had done little to help me and treated me like an addict. I had been in pain for so long and was very disappointed with what felt like preset negativity towards me as a pain patient.
Now my pain level is much better because of the help from Dr. Matsumura and his amazing staff. They have helped improve my quality of life, all while treating me with respect and kindness.
I highly recommend them and I am so grateful to be under their care. -- Sheri Samuelson, Google Review

I've had 2 failed back surgeries. Now I'm dealing with permanent nerve pain in my back and legs, I have been working with Dr Matzumura for a long time now. He helps me manage the pain, as well as deal with pain from arthritis in my wrist and elbow. Hes great, Hes very knowledgeable and doesn't talk down to you. Hes great when I get injections for migraines too. I recommend him to anybody who needs help!!! -- Kurt Brown, Google Review

Showed genuine concern for me and how he could help with the neck and back pain I’m having. Very impressed. Credentials from u of u and Stanford! -- Dave Belt, Google Review

It is an awesome experience to come to your pain clinic and be treated by you and your outstanding staff - and go home pain free!!

Doctor Matsumura, you are the best!! -- D&P W, handwritten card

Doctor Matsumura has been keeping me walking for 17 years. They care about their patients and so a wonderful job! -- Cris Draper, Google Review

It's been one year since you did that last procedure of magic on my sciatic nerve and lower back. I saw Heidi one month later ans he explained I still had a little time to wait for being pain free.

Beginning in September her statement came true, and I am pain free. It has been a wonderful year for me and I know all good tings aren't forever but I am very thankful to you (and Heidi) for all you did for me and especially for my current condition a year later. You are truly magical with all your skill and expertise. You have been so important in my life and i can't thank you enough for all your patience and skill.

I hope life is treating both of you well and it's important to me that you know how grateful I am for all you have done. [You] truly are a gifted man and doctor. I'm so happy I had the experience of knowing you both and being treated by you. In my book you're truly magic! -- KE, typed letter

I absolutely love all the people here. Doctor Kyle Matsumura is the best ever. And Hedi Duckworth is an amazing person. She always gives me the absolute best care I could ever hope to get. And Heather you are always so good to me with helping me with my bill. And the Girls at the front counter are always very kind to me. Thank you all for being the best medical care givers I could of ever hoped to of had. I say thank you to each and every one of you that have anything to do with my treatment I love you all. -- Stephen Wright, Google Review

This past month marks the 7 year anniversary of the radiofrequency rhizotomy you performed on my neck. Your skilled insight that detected a neck injury during my first appointment with you despite the unusual wiring of my nerves was the start of my life getting a second chance. I continue to be medication free and have minimal pain each day. I'm able to have a wonderful quality of life with my husband and daugher. I'm also able to serve our community through the PTA and help run the art program at my daughter's school. This never would have been possible without your help. Your dedication to your work has provided a miracle in my life. Everyday I am filled with gratitude for the service I'm able to give, the life I'm able to live and the horrific pain I once felt to be eliminated. Thank you. -- ES, handwritten letter

Dr. Matsumura is amazing. I've been battling chronic pain for years because of past injuries and within minutes, we narrowed down the cause and setup a treatment plan. Something that 4 other Dr.'s and 5 Physical Therapists weren't able to do (or didn't understand HOW to.) The staff here are always awesome, but the real judge is if they can help you with your daily debilitating pain - and guess what, they can. Dr. Matsumura has changed my life for the better and I'm forever thankful for his help, care and compassion. I wish this thing had more stars to give. -- Brendan Strain, Google Reviews


I was referred to the Utah Pain Clinic by several satisfied patients. I am suffering from scoliosis, spinal stenosis, degenerative arthritis, several discs etc. I am under the care of Dr. Matsamura and he has tried several procedures to help manage the pain. Epidural, injections, rhizootomy with no apparent help for the pain. Two weeks ago he did a sacroiliac joint injection the that seems to help the pain better than any other procedure. The thing that impressed me the most is the successful way patients are taken care of from the front office to the operating room and the entire staff that works there. This office is a well oiled machine. I would not hesitate referring any one to the Utah Pain Clinic. I am a very satisfied patient. -- Review on Angie’s List

Dr Matsumura and Heidi take the time to listen and will help as much as possible to figure out what is wrong. Been going there since 2008 for chronic issues and they are always helpful and compassionate. Because of their patience and diligence and excellent medical care and treatment, I have my life back. It's been a long recovery road. Thank you! -- Terri Lupton, Google Reviews

I appreciate the excellent care I’ve received from Utah Pain Specialists during the last 7 ½ years  Dr. Shah treated me for seven years before Dr. Matsumura managed my care but both provided many injections and pain medications to treat the problems I’ve been struggling with since my first right shoulder surgery July 2008. Since that time I’ve had five additional shoulder surgeries and developed Complex Regional Pain Disorder and peripheral neuropathy in my left foot. They’ve skillfully treated me and have comforted me when my pain was unmanageable and my depression was overwhelming.
I’ve also become attached to their entire caring staff, particularly Ashley and Leslie. Their facility is always clean, neat and their operating rooms are exceptionally well equipped and their technical staff is well-trained. I highly endorse them and encourage all who are struggling with osteoarthritis and post operative problems to call for an evaluation and treatment. Thanks again to Dr. Shah and Dr. Matsumura for everything! --Judy Dykman, Google Reviews

I went to them for pain management.

It is run by 3 doctors that are MD, and all 3 of them have specially in pain management. All three of them have been anesthesiologist. They are wonderful, and Dr. Kyle Matsumura MD has been managing my and my husbands pain since 2003. They do a really good job. I would recommend to anyone who has a pain issue. Sometimes the receptionist is bombard with calls and they may put you on hold. Don't give up, they are well worth the wait. The person you need to talk to is heather to get an appointment. She will screen you for insurance, and tell you what you need to bring in for the doctor (for example, the copy of the doctors notes for the last three visit). --- Review on Angie’s List

My husband and I have been treated for chronic pain by Dr. Kyle Matsumura over many years. Not only is Dr. Matsumura a brilliant, kind, caring and consistently dedicated pain specialists, he also gets remarkably helpful results. He gives us expert medical pain solutions and he does it in such a way that we gain continued relief from our pain and fell hope for our futures. Thank you Dr. Matsumura; if it were not for your devoted skilled treatments we would both be in wheelchairs or in nursing homes today. -- DOTTIE WILLOUGHBY

Dr. Matsumura is our pain doctor.

My husband slipped on the ice and had multiple fractures in his left ankle. It was a very painful thing. In the course of this we found a wonderful pain doctor. He is absolutely the best. He used to be at the St. Marks Hospital pain clinic. He is one of the best pain doctors. He is wonderful. He has taken marvelous care of my husband and me. He has given us all kinds of pain help. I would have never survived my knee replacement if it hadn’t been for him. Dr. Kyle asked me to get a brace and he told me where to go. I went to one of the best place that is made. I wore ankle braces on both ankles and now I can get around. Otherwise I would have been in a wheel chair in a nursing home. He has been wonderful. He got my husband a pain stimulator and planted it into his back because there was so much scar tissue on his back from back surgery and cortisone shots that there wasn’t any other way to treat the pain. He was so good that Hill Air Force Base approached him and asked whether he would handle all their retirees. Many people come from other parts of the country to him. He is that good. -- Review on Angie’s List

I have been seeing Dr. Kyle Matsumura for the past several months. Prior to my contact with Dr. Matsumura I have seen multiple doctors in different fields. When I began my treatment at Utah Pain Specialists, I had given up hope of ever finding a diagnosis and a doctor who would treat me not only with respect, but also encourage me to participate in my care. Finally I found a doctor I could go to that did not want to just put me on medication, but was also concerned with every aspect of my health. This includes physical, mental and emotional concerns. For the first time in ten years someone in the medical field believed in the severity of my pain, did not treat my like I was drug seeking and gave me hope during my darkest time. I believe that he is not going to give up on me and that I am a person to be cared about not just a medical case number.

 I recently had an experience where I was hospitalized for a different problem that required surgery.  After I was released my pain from this surgery increased.  I called the doctor who performed the procedure to see if the pain was normal.  I never received a return call.  By then it was the weekend and as my pain continued to worsen I became more anxious and upset.  I called the clinic and left a detailed message.  Within a couple of hours Dr. Matsumura returned my call.  He assured me that what I was experiencing was normal and gave me several suggestions for reducing the pain.  I think the fact that he returned my call helped more than anything. 

I have always felt that he and his staff are concerned about the meds I am being given.  They are not just writing me a prescription to get me out the door.  There are medicines that can only be renewed monthly because of FDA regulation. This makes it necessary for  me to be seen monthly. I know that Dr. Matsumura is consistently reviewing my medications to look for drug  interactions and is giving me the smallest amount  required to control my pain. I feel like the APRN, FNP-C that I have seen is more than competent to handle my needs when I can't see Dr. Matsumura. I also know that Dr. Matsumura will make himself available if needed. 

The Utah Pain Specialist clinic staff and Dr. Matsumura specifically are some of the finest medical care givers. I would and have recommended them to friends and family who have chronic pain issues. -- Christine Chess, Google Reviews

I've been seeing Dr. Matsumura for more than 7 years and have been treated very kindly. He listens to my concerns and has helped me deal with my chronic back pain. I highly recommend him to others, I'm 91 and I'm still going strong thanks to him! -- Elise Bowers, Yelp

They have taken care of pain issues for myself and my husband. He's had an industrial accident and they've done a phenomenally great job. The key person is Kyle Matsumura MD. They have done radio frequency, nerve blocks, they have prescribed medicine, they will prescribe pain medicine but they're very careful of what they prescribe and keep very close track. They are just wonderful. They don't believe that anyone should have to suffer pain needlessly.

Their prices are based on services rendered and they take most insurances including Medicare. Three MDs who are licensed pain specialists were anesthetists that started this. People come from out of state and all over. They go out of their way to take the best possible care of your problem. They don't like to see people suffer. They deal with people with chronic pain issues. I would recommend them highly to everyone. -- Review on Angie’s List