Patient Reviews

Thank you for being caring and loving to Jim and I.  We have been in each others lives for long enough to think of you as friends. -- Jim and Jennifer B., Thank You card.

Dr Raj, thank you for taking such good care of me.  You always believe me and help me.  Your personality makes me feel good.  I appreciate your help. -- Sarah, personal note

Dr Raj is the only reason I can walk today. I was told I would be in a wheelchair the rest of my life and I don't delude myself that it may happen. I've had multiple surgeries but still in pain. Dr Raj gives me my injections and the pain is gone for a time. It's an absolute blessing. Thank you so much for all you do! -- Synthia Perkins, Google Reviews

Always so nice and understanding. They make me feel like a person and not just another number on the schedule. They go above and beyond to help and to find solutions not just bandaids. Thanks to Dr. Raj and Anna Peters. The girls at the front desk are incredibly sweet also! -- Anne Carter, Google Reviews

I just really enjoy how personable he is. He always remembers details about my situation. He even remembers personal details about me so I enjoy seeing him. They do have short appointment times but he does make sure he takes time and care of your needs. The appointment times are always short so I am in and out in less than an hour. -- Satisfied Patient, Intermountain Healthcare Reviews

Thank you again for taking extra time to listen to my story.  You have helped me immensely to search out and find the answers to my dilemma and I am grateful. -- Fred J.

I don't love that I have to be treated here, but I really do love the doctors here. I've been here for 2 or 3 years. And they are always quick. I've never been there over an hour. I appreciate their effectiveness, but willingness to treat me as an individual. 

Dr Raj has always remembered me since the very beginning. He knew personal things about me and always brought them up. They are quick and efficient, but I have never felt like a number being pushed through the conveyor belt like I have at other doctors (like an OB when I was pregnant- that was sad!!) Dr Raj often jokes and makes me feel more comfortable during procedures or appointments. I feel like he is a friend. He knows what my insurance requires and how to get what I need while using my coverage. Since I've been going for years, I get interested in things they are doing or seeing during procedures so I sometimes ask questions. He is so great to answer things and let me know what is going on. I never feel uncomfortable, even when I'm getting shots in my tailbone and am He is respectful and professional. 

Anna, the PA (I think) is awesome too! She is so caring and takes time to talk if you ask. Again, she does have a pattern of the way she asks questions, does the prescriptions, and leaves, but that's just because they see so many people in a day and if there are no other needs, then why not be fast? But I've had her administer trigger point injections or stay and talk during my medication refill appointment. I know she cares and wants what is best for me. She's been honest when I've asked about my future and where my treatment is going. I really appreciate her. 

Some of the nurses are also memorable and great. At least I think they are nurses. Or assistants of some type. I'm not sure titles. I would know their names if I heard them, but can't recall them all. One, I think Stephanie, loves Batman and has a lot of personality. She is fun and makes me feel comfortable. There is also an older woman who helps with procedures. I always feel a little better when I see her. It means the procedure is close and I'm in good hands. She's funny and very knowledgeable. She takes time to explain what she's seeing as she sets up they X-ray. She has experience as a patient and professional, so she understands what it feels like as well as what is going on. She often makes jokes and is so fun. 

Together these professionals make me feel welcome and well taken care of. I went to another pain clinic before this and I hated going. I waited forever. The doctors were cold. I was a number. It was terrible. I'm so glad I changed doctors and feel grateful to be a patient here. -- Ashley J., Yelp

Dr Rajhgapal is THE bomb!!!!  He is so good!  He is kind, compassionate, and he listens!!!!  He has been my relief!!  I am so very grateful for him!!!  The new building is beautiful and welcoming.  The staff has been professional and nice. -- No-IE, Yelp